Pretty Thing - Bo Diddley Cover

Pretty Thing (cover)

My Solo Album (now on Vinyl!):

Very happy to announce I've recently started working with Soundslice! This will be the home for official, interactive tabs form my music in the future:

My take on my favorite Bo Diddley tune. Thanks very much to everyone who hung out with me on Instagram last month wile I was making this:
Instagram: @joshua_lee_turner

Thanks to Shannon and Mike for the inspiration.
Guitar is tuned to open E: E B E G# B E


Guitar: D'Angelico Deluxe Atlantic - Zoom G1Xon (Tremolo) - Fender Blues Jr. - se Voodoo VR2 - ART Pro MPA II
Vocal: Vanguard V13, "Two clicks towards omni" - ART Pro MPA II
Harmonica: Suzuki Folk Master in A - Blue Encore 100i - Art Pro MPA II - Reamped through Fender Blues Jr.
Snare: Gretsch Silver Series Walnut - se Voodoo VR2 - Art Pro MPA II
Maracas: Whatever they had at the store, same signal chain as drum
Mixed in mono in Pro Tools. Bounced to an Akai M8 running 7.5 ips ATR 1/4" tape and back to Pro Tools. Interface is a Zoom UAC-8. Reverb is Valhalla Plate.

Filmed on a Canon EOS 200D with a 24mm f/2.8. Edited in Premiere.