Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen Cover

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I know we're having a moment with Queen right now in the wake of the film, so I thought I'd take a crack at the only tune of theirs I could ever even maybe pull off.

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gear rundown:
Vocal : Vanguard V13 - ART Pro MPA II - Zoom UAC-8 - Waves SSL-E - Waves J37
Acoustic: '65 Gibson B-45-12 - sE8 - ART pre
Drums - Gretsch Silver Series walnut Snare, Catalina 18" kick -Vanguard V13, Blue Encore 100i, AKG D112 - Zoom UAC-8 - Waves TG12345 (full disclosure - I used Beat Detective for the first time. I die a little, but also got 3 hours of my life back)
Bass - Squier J (LaBella Flats) neck pickup only - ART Pre - Zoom UAC-8 - SSL E channel - Klanghelm MJUC
Electric: MIM Tele (Fender Vintage Noiseless PU's) - Fender Blues Jr.- sE Voodoo VR2 - Zoom UAC-8
Pink Jacket - L. L. Bean Women's section - Goodwill - Bushwick

Filmed on a Canon EOS 200D and Rebel T3i. Edited in Premiere and Pro Tools