Nineteen and Aimless - Original

My solo debut album "As Good A Place As Any" Available everywhere 4/5. Ten new original songs including a studio version of this one! Oh yeah, and I'm thinking of migrating toward my full name, Joshua Lee Turner, to put confusion with the country singer to rest once and for all.


A huge thanks to Carson and Taylor for sitting in on this one, and to Taylor's cat for making a significant unplanned cameo.
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Thanks also to my Patreon Patrons, who have played a huge role in getting me here. Patrons get MP3 downloads of all new vids, and an exclusive first look at the studio version of this tune!

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Recorded on a Zoom H2 and a Canon EOS 200D. Guitar is through a Zoom G1Xon and a Kustom mini PA speaker. Master bus comp is a Waves TG12345.
Edited in Premiere and Pro Tools.