Sloop John B - Beach Boys Cover (Live From The Bus)

For the past two months, I have had the opportunity to tour and perform with these incredible musicians from the Simon & Garfunkel story. A huge thanks to all of you for learning and recording this tune with me, and piling into the back lounge to record it.

From left: Alec Hamilton (keys), Ben Cooley (Tenor, tambourine) Josh Turner (Electric Guitar), Taylor Bloom (Acoustic Guitar), Marc Encabo (Bass) and Bob Sale (Drums).
Thanks also to our instrument tech, Kacz, for doing some moving camera work.

Recorded live onto a Zoom H6. Lead vocal mic is an AT2050. Keyboard is a Yamaha CP4 into Mainstage. Acoustic is a D-28, Bass is a 70's Fender P into an Aguilar DI. Drums are Yamahas.
Mixed in Pro Tools. Cameras are a Rebel T6 and an Eos 200D.

This video is something of an homage to this one:
When I first saw that video, I never guessed I'd one day be able to do something similar.