Arrow Through Me - Wings Cover

Back To The Egg was not a good album. But it did have this song, which I think redeems it quite a bit. Here's my instrumental take on it. I do not have tabs, sorry!
After 11 years of being exclusively a single coil man, the folks over at D'Angelico Guitars were kind enough to show me the ways of the humbucker. I'm using this tune to showcase my GORGEOUS new D'Angelico Deluxe Atlantic.

A huge thanks to my Patreon patrons as always for making this possible! Patrons get MP# downloads of each new song:

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Gear Rundown:
Guitar: D'Angelico Deluxe Atlantic - Fender Blues Jr. - Vanguard V13 (Cardioid) - Zoom UAC-8
Bass: Squier 70's J (w/ Flatwounds) - ART Pro MPA II
Drums: Gretsch walnut snare, Gretch Catalina 18' kick, 60's Zildjian hats - Vanguard V13 and AKG D112 - ART PRO MPA II
Keys: the East Village Yamaha DJX (DJ!!) - ART Pro MPA II
Tambourine: Meinhl - Blue Encore 100 - Zoom UAC-8

Camera: Canon EOS 200D
Edited in Premiere and Pro Tools